My Content Portfolio



     I have experience in:


  • Broadcast journalism at CBS News
  • Social Media Management & Content Curation at Stringr startup
  • Content Design at multiple startups 
  • Content Writing & Content Strategy at Google

3 main content design projects:















Latin Eye is a media-tech company that lets users submit creative photos and videos through a real-time marketplace. 



In 2018, their key objective was to understand the user goals and needs, develop high fidelity mockups in Sketch, and conduct usability testing sessions.





Since the company's main goal was to target the Latin American and Hispanic audience in the US, the market research meant using existing main app designs like Telemundo, Wheels, Hablalo, and Whatsapp. The main 3 design findings were to include: 


  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Integrated messaging app
  • Photo and video submission features



I created the UI and UX for main menus of the Latin Eye app after conducting research that users wanted seamless interactions of existing apps. I worked with the Front End team to point out any specific interactions that were not covered in the mockups.


  • Main menu based on existing apps
  • Seamless photo and video submission
  • Minimal button and menu options
Main menus: Latin Eye vs. Whatsapp
Photo & video submission menus



After completing the UI designs, I uploaded them to Sketch Cloud and distributed them to internal team members and testers. Through Sketch Cloud, testers were able to provide feedback and experiment with the UX navigation and app flow.


  • Collaborated across teams through Sketch Cloud
  • Gathered feedback for UI/UX adjustments
  • Implemented findings













Total Access Recruiting is a web app that connects insurance professionals with potential employers in real-time.



In 2020, their goal was to create a platform that could connect employers with employees directly rather than acting as the mediators themselves. I developed the high fidelity mockups in Sketch.





I created the main menus for the Total Access Recruiting web app and worked with existing branding and color schemes to appeal to an existing audience. 


  • Created Sketch mockups 
  • Evaluated existing branding
  • Communicated with stakeholders



I used Sketch to implement design based on existing marketing imagery and branding.


  • Evaluated existing color schemes
  • Collaborated with project stakeholders
  • Developed web app designs
Main menus: Based on existing branding












Gigi Wanders is a travel and news blog that offers a biweekly newsletter and stories with a less-known point of view.



In 2019, the brand's goal was to develop a website and newsletter that could appeal to a younger audience interested in travel and personal development.





I incorporated design that made it easier to read and absorb visuals and text in blog format, and included an "immersive storytelling" section that could easily showcase complex stories. Translated content from English to Spanish.


  • Color scheme coordinated across web and newsletter
  • Immersive storytelling component
  • Simple visual and editorial layout
Text & visuals design



I created the logo and color scheme to coordinate with the entire branding, including merchandise.


  • Logo creation
  • Development of color scheme
  • Integration of branding across merchandise
Branding across content



Integrated the service Shorthand to display imagery and text with animations and visual transitions.


  • Used Shorthand service to integrate imagery
  • Offered an additional way to read through stories
  • Added an interactive component to the blog
Immersive storytelling