Hi there! Welcome to my blog/online portfolio.

My name is Giselle aka. Gigi, and I'm a progressive journalist, writer and traveler. I've worked as a television producer for traditional news organizations, and as a media planner, content writer and content strategist for startup companies over the past few years. My ambition lies around new products in content creation and news-distribution concepts.

What's not to love about sharing non-fictional tales meant to inform & engage a large audience?

I've had the opportunity to live in Central America, North America, Europe and Asia, which is why this site includes multiple cultural stories from around the world (also-- I speak Spanish! Check out translations).

The purpose of this blog is to either inspire you to take a trip or reach out to me to work on content for your website, or news-related business. I'm currently based in Austin, Texas, but willing to work remotely on projects anywhere.

If you're looking to browse and enjoy this site: click on a border-story and visualize yourself in the place. And if you have any questions about travel or work, reach out to me. I'm thrilled to get to know you!