If you're here, it means you're interested in exploring the world through words and travel. This is a space I strive to make inviting to people of all cultural backgrounds. Side note: It's truly my hope that through this content young Latinos everywhere can feel included and engaged in a way they might not feel very often.

Here, you can find tips on "immersion travel:" a form of travel that opens the door to a cultural, social, historical and political understanding of a place. Sure -- the words sound heavy, but let the stories speak for themselves.

Your takeaways from reading stories on this site:

  • Pique your interest in a place you hadn't considered visiting before: It can be a place half-way across the world or a neighborhood in your town.
  • Plan your next trip with "immersion travel" and "mindful travel" practices in mind: I've compiled a list of 6 practices that I've used during travel. They make trips more fun and leave you with a sense of belonging and understanding wherever you go. Plus, they're pretty fun!


The Six Immersion Travel Practices

  1. Ask at least 1 question (about someone else) to 3 different people: This makes sure you leave with a marked impression. Such an impression that it even surpasses landmarks, sites, and sometimes... food.
  2. Take at least 50 photographs with a camera that's not your smartphone: Smartphones are quick and easy, and very enjoyable to use for creative videos and collages, but they change the way in which you connect with subjects around you.
  3. Share something real about yourself to at least one person: This can be as simple as "I was born in Brownsville, Texas. That's a state in the South of the US." I find that sharing something about ourselves to someone we're getting to know allows for a certain vulnerability with the person and unexpected closeness.
  4. Engage into a cultural practice entirely: No modifications. Whether it be for a day, month, or year. This can be through a cooking class, sowing, sport, art, or even drinking. Do it in the way it's done locally. Thinking without vs. within.
  5. Try not to compare: Comparison is the root cause of all cultural emersion. Although hard, don't think too much about the differences with your own culture or home, and let them take over you. Forget about home for an instance, if even just for an hour.
  6. Jot down your conclusions during or after your trip: You can do this at your own pace with a notebook or digital device.

Each story in this site comes from a piqued interest I've built by following these practices in some way or another. It's led to awesome findings and meaningful relationships.

I hope you enjoy the practices and stories. If you have a unique story you'd like to share with me, reach out through the contact form.

Safe and mindful travels!